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Boost Your Career: Office Etiquette

February 17, 2011 1 comment

My friend’s office passed around this note with helpful tips on appropriate language in the workplace.  Here are some new and innovative communication techniques.  Helpful!  (P.S.  This friend is one of the greatest consultants in the world!)

Boost Your Career:  Language Advice

Boost Your Career: Language Advice


Email Address Etiquette- How Embarassing

July 16, 2010 3 comments

Many people think that candidate screening is based strictly on a good resume format and great experience.

Wrongo, buster.

I had a candidate, fairly senior level, apply for a job using an email address of something along the lines of (to protect the mentally challenged)

Now seriously, who doesn’t love Robert? However, this is really a light-weight in comparison to many I’ve had over recent years like:

I like to consider myself socially liberal. I think it’s awesome that people have playful email addresses. However, it is an indicator that your judgement may not be tops.

It will always be VERY difficult to offend me. But let me say this one time:

When in “interviewing for a job” mode, people are always on their BEST behavior. So, not knowing me, if you send me a resume with an email address of, I’m going to assume that when you’re out working with my company’s clients, that your judgement will be on par with that email address.

Just my thoughts.

That’s my 5 cents (inflation),
Jules aka: