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LinkedIn Job Search Update

October 3, 2011 Leave a comment

In a previous post, I suggested that you put your email address in your last name field, following your last name.

LinkedIn now explicitly  asks you to not do this.  Update your profile accordingly.

To see the current LinkedIn users agreement:

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Tips For A Great Resume

March 23, 2011 5 comments

In this new day and age, here are some basic resume tips, as I’ve been asked to review several lately.  I’m actually still astonished that anybody looks at a resume.  By the time I’ve decided to check out a candidate, I’ve reviewed their LinkedIn, Twitter and their blog.  If they don’t have any of that, they are about 2 days behind other candidates.

1.  FORMAT:  Keep the layout simple.  Use a white background and no cute images.  Most resumes these days are getting scanned into resume databases.  When you add images, text boxes or cute backgrounds, you are damaging the format that your reader will eventually see.

2.  SPELLCHECK:  That little red underliny thing is telling you that you may have misspelled a word.  Use it. I’d say 40% of all resumes I see have simple spelling errors.  This blog post probably has one also.

3.  USE YOUR VOICE:  I might stab myself  if I have to read, “An enthusiastic leader with x years of management experience looking for a progressive organization.”  SAY something.    Here’s my opening SUMMARY of my resume:


Aggressive Senior Marketer and Recruiter with 15+ years experience in technology, sales, healthcare and general executive level recruiting.   Ready to join an entrepreneurially-minded organization that is looking for a multi-tasking, business-centric, social media animal.   Highlights:

  • Versatility to work with clients at multiple levels of management.
  • Strong writer, message architect and copywrighter.
  • Strong candidate hunter and Web/Recruiting 2.0 champion.
  • Skilled at direct recruiting, networking, advanced Internet sourcing, employee referral management and trade show effectiveness.
  • Sharp technical screener and behavioral interviewer.
  • Effective negotiator and closer.

4.  LENGTH:  I know people say to have a one page resume.  I’ve been reviewing resumes since 1993 and have to say that I am skpetical when there is only one page.  Two pages is perfect.  Three pages in the technology field is not out of line.

5.  SOCIAL MEDIA:  Show that you’re present in the social media world, if you are.  Add your LinkedIn URL, your Twitter handle or your Blog.    More and more, organizations like to get a feel of a person BEFORE they contact you.  They like to see who you are, what you stand for and who you network with.  (P.S.  If you haven’t been inviting connections on LinkedIn, start today.  Don’t wait until you NEED your network to build it.)

6.  FONTS:  Yes, it matters.  Cute fonts say, “I’m 16 years old and am a lifeguard.”  Times Roman says, “I’m too lazy to find a font that I like, so I’m going with this one.”  Find something easy on the eyes.  Calibir,  Arial and Gill Sans MT are all easy on the eyes.  Also, remember that your resume will most likely be inhaled into a database and “read” electronically.  Don’t get too cute.

7.  WORDS:  Your word choice needs to show that you are ACTION oriented. 

Rather Than Try
Achieved quota Knocked the quota out of the territory
Research and keep up with OSHA requirements Drove OSHA compliance awareness
Proficient in Microsoft Word, Excel, Power Point, Outlook experience with Access Avid software user.  Developed proposals (MS Word), budgets (MS Excel), team  presentations (MS PowerPoint) and customer databases (MS Access).
Responsible for release schedule Managed communication and coordination of releases

8.  The BLINK TEST:  This sounds crazy, but give your resume to a friend for 5-6 seconds and take it away.  Ask them what they remember.  You want them to remember something about what you DO and something about HOW you do it.  (Skill AND flavor.)

More later, but the key is to be purposeful in all choices on your resume.  It makes a quick first impression.

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Recruiter Secrets- How To Get Our Attention

August 16, 2010 Leave a comment

Recently, I was interviewed by Gary O’Neal at TalentBranders.   We covered secrets of how to get a recruiter’s attention in a job search.

Check out the video here

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Email Address Etiquette- How Embarassing

July 16, 2010 3 comments

Many people think that candidate screening is based strictly on a good resume format and great experience.

Wrongo, buster.

I had a candidate, fairly senior level, apply for a job using an email address of something along the lines of (to protect the mentally challenged)

Now seriously, who doesn’t love Robert? However, this is really a light-weight in comparison to many I’ve had over recent years like:

I like to consider myself socially liberal. I think it’s awesome that people have playful email addresses. However, it is an indicator that your judgement may not be tops.

It will always be VERY difficult to offend me. But let me say this one time:

When in “interviewing for a job” mode, people are always on their BEST behavior. So, not knowing me, if you send me a resume with an email address of, I’m going to assume that when you’re out working with my company’s clients, that your judgement will be on par with that email address.

Just my thoughts.

That’s my 5 cents (inflation),
Jules aka: