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Social Media Why? Another Thing To Do?

April 27, 2011

Social Media: Take Baby Steps (Credit: Yolanda)

Ok.  We’ve heard the cries to participate in social media.  But remind me again, WHY?  

If you haven’t gotten involved in the social media frenzy, here is a mini-lecture hoping to inspire you to try it out along with a few baby-steps you can take to get rolling.


  • Your Customers are There– Customers want to interact on social platforms.  As IT professionals, if we don’t lead the way to show the organization the new digital platforms and methods to connect with customers, who will?  If I told you that there were hundreds of emails in your inbox, wouldn’t you check it? Refusing to learn how to maneuver in these new platforms would be like refusing to learn how to manage your email because it’s “another thing I have to worry about.”
  • Grow Your Network– Anybody who knows me knows that I am insanely passionate about the fact that you should work to build your network when you do NOT need it.  Building a network is a life survival skill. In the last 12 months, via my social media channels, I have been able to solve the following problems in 140 characters or less:
  1.  Selected a new mattress
  2. Solved a WordPress functionality problem
  3. Located candidates for open positions at my compa ny
  4. Built a stable of professional friends.  (I do now consider many of these contacts friends.)
  5. Got travel advice
  6. Got referred to great restaurants in NYC
  7. Learned a TON about IT Service Management, recruitment and social media
  • To Stay Employable– As I write this, we spotted the first job posting this week asking for a “Help Desk Analyst, with Social Media Expertise.”  The water cooler has moved.  It’s digital now and it’s called Twitter, Yammer, Quora, etc. Basic Life Maneuvering – Thousands of people have recently used various social media platforms to:

1.  Find a job
2. Get introduced to a potential customer
3. Communicate during a natural disaster
4. Overthrow a government

Certainly you can figure out how to use social media to stay on top of your profession and general interests.


Face it, the world is starting to become permission-based.  When was the last time that you picked up your home phone if you didn’t recognize the phone number? 

Social media allows you to customize your inbox.  It allows you to decide who to listen to.  I’ve shut down all “subscriptions” to my email and only gather market information via social channels.  I exclusively use email for detail-specific work.  I’m working to shut out the noise, not create new noise.  Twitter, LinkedIn and the like all allow me to create my own universe of communication.

There are several wonderful social media hubs you can use to manage your online presence.  One URL to log into.  One screen to watch.   (TweetDeck and Hootsuite are a couple of examples.)  I love that I can type in a posting into my hub and select to which platforms I want to broadcast….Twitter?  LinkedIn?  Facebook?  It’s just one click away.

What is holding YOU back?  I’d love to hear below.

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