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Office Etiquette: LinkedIn “Forwarding” Protocol

Use good etiquette on social media -especially on professional forums.

About once per week I have a colleague asking for an introduction to somebody in my LinkedIn network.

Emailing me outside of LinkedIn for such request puts all of the work on my lap and kind of misses the whole point of LinkedIn:)(Don’t worry if you’re reading this….people seem to have a hard time with this concept.  It may just be because you have low frequency of LinkedIn use.)

If you want to be introduced to somebody, here are proper steps to request an introduction via LinkedIn.

1.  Go to the profile of the person to whom you want to be introduced.

2.  Near the top right, select “Get Introduced Through a Connection”
3.  Select the name of the person that would be appropriate to forward along your request.  Remember, the person through which you are connected may not be a direct connection of the person you’re trying to get to.  They may be a step away.

4.  Write the request:

You will be asked for information such as your contact information and the reason for reaching out.  Chose the closest accurate reason, as nobody appreciates deception.

You then write a note to the person to whom you are getting introduced.

You then write in the box to the person who will be forwarding the request.  The final recipient of this trail will be able to see all of your notes, so write something appropriate.

5.   Send!

6.  Sit back and enjoy the networking magic.

Hope this helped.


P.S.  If you’re waiting until you NEED your network to start building it, turn that habit around.  Just adding a new contact per day will build a healthy network.  Start with all of the people you’ve worked with in the past.

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