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Conjugation of the Word “Twitter”

Yesterday, I was in the airport leaving the itSMF USA Fusion conference.  At the conference, I heard a lot of abuse of the conjugated forms of the word “Twitter.”  I overheard a guy in the airport say, ” I need to Twitter that.”  

I can’t take it any longer.  Here is my take on the proper conjugation of the word ” Twitter.”

Twitter.  Proper noun.  This is the name of the social media platform, Twitter.  Example:  “I need to open an account on Twitter.”

Tweet.  Verb.  This is the act of participating on Twitter, the social media platform.  Example: “I need to tweet that.”

Tweet.  Noun.  An actual posting on Twitter.  “I enjoy your tweets.”

Tweeter.  Noun.  One that tweets.  “He’s an interesting tweeter.”

Tweep.  Noun.  Twitter friends.  “Hello, tweeps.  HappyMonday.”

These are the basics.  There are plenty of other sites that can teach you the cute stuff such as tweeple, twitterati, etc.  But please learn these basics:) 

Also, I’d love to hear other TWITTER words you’ve created in the comments section.

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